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ClotBase is a curated knowledgebase on the proteins that are involved in the blood coagulation pathway.

It contains information on sequence, accession number, source, taxonomy, keywords, function, subcellular location,  tissue specificity, associated diseases and links to external databases such as NCBI, PubMed, EMBL, PIR, PDB and OMIM. Information on the known disease-causing mutations and evolutionarily conserved residues for all these proteins is also incorporated. Clinicians can use the Screen-Mutation tool to identify lethal mutations in protein sequences.

The database statistics link provides information on all the proteins and their families that are incorporated in ClotBase. A complete documentation of the database features and tools can be accessed from the Help file.

Researchers can submit new sequences, observed mutations, patterns and other relevant information on the proteins involved in blood coagulation using the submission form in ClotBase.

This work has been funded by grants from Indian Council of Medical Research.

Flowchart of blood coagulation pathway - Click here

People involved:

Ms. Archana Sonawani
Mr. Pravin Nilawe
Mr. Ram Shankar Barai
Dr. Susan Idicula-Thomas
Citation: Sonawani, A., Nilawe, P., Barai, R.S., Idicula-Thomas, S. ClotBase: A knowledgebase on proteins involved in blood coagulation. Blood.2010; 116: 855-856

Contact us: clotbase@bicnirrh.res.in

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